Why do I teach people to sing? This is why…

“I Love Those Girls, They’re So Talented”  – Diane Louise Jordan, BBC Radio 2

“All those years doing other things, however useful, however good, however laudable they were, this was always [Daughters’ of Davis’] calling clearly”
– Simon Lederman, BBC Radio London

“A bit of Mumford & Sons” – Julian Clegg, BBC Radio Solent 

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Testimonials (written):


Beginner Student: I’ve always wanted to learn to sing properly but was so afraid to contact a teacher because I knew my voice wasn’t very good and I thought that singing teachers were only interested in teaching people with ‘good’ voices. I definitely didn’t need to worry about that with Dylan. He was so good at making me feel comfortable and by the end of my first lesson I could see he really knew what he was talking about. He identified the issues with my voice really quickly and gave me hope that my voice could be hugely improved. I always got a sore throat or lost my voice after doing a lot of singing before I had these lessons. Now, two months later, I have learned what I was doing wrong and I can sing without hurting my voice!

Thanks so much for the lessons (and juicing tips)- you really are a fantastic teacher!



When I first met Dylan I was a shy 13-year-old girl with a big voice but with no confidence in my singing. He mentally and vocally strengthened me to become the singer I am today.
His vocal techniques and exercises have opened up my range. I now know the strengths and weaknesses, and am aware of what all the muscles in my mouth and throat are doing so I no longer strain my vocal folds, but have learned to balance and control my voice.
His techniques are like magic to my voice, within the second lesson I was hearing a difference, which I have never experienced with an other vocal coach or singing teacher.
I have been going to Dylan’s for less than a year but I am already catching a lot of attention through my performances. In August, I won Southampton’s Got Talent 2016, competing alongside adults.
I can’t believe how far I have progressed and I’m not the finished article yet.

With Dylan’s guidance, I am going from strength to strength and I’m excited for what the future may hold.



I damaged my voice a little while back, and was advised to get singing lessons by my throat doctor, Dylan was not the first teacher in the Southampton area that I went to see, but after a couple of lessons I found that the previous teacher was showing me things that I know where not right, that’s when I found Dylan. He has helped me to support my voice properly and to stop singing in my throat, these two things where the main reason for me damaging my voice in the first place.Thanks for all your help,
Stu Simpson


I came across Dylan’s website purely by accident on the internet, I was actually after an ENT specialist as I was sure I had damaged my voice and was extremely worried about this. I have been singing for 10 years and seen a few different singing teachers in the past but they are miles from being in the same league as Dylan.

After one lesson I went away feeling confident that my voice was going to be fine, and that I could become a better singer with Dylan’s help. He is a fantastic coach; he is funny and makes you feel so at ease in his company. He teaches you how correct technique should FEEL on the voice, instead of just preaching to you using many terms we have all heard hundreds of times over …. “Think down when you are singing a high note” …. And just expecting you to get on with it.

The warm ups he has provided me with, have been excellent and I use them before every gig. He also provides recordings of my lessons so that I can go away and work on them at home.

He really understood my concerns because he has been there and experienced it all himself. This makes a big difference to his coaching methods and he is living proof that you can regain the vocals you may have thought you had lost forever.

Caryn Morant


Dylan’s been teaching me for little over 3 months now and in this short space of time listeners have already noticed an improved quality and power in my voice.

I’ve had several teachers in the past who haven’t come close to the attention Dylan pays when you sing. He’ll identify any problems or places to improve and after practising his suggested technique you’ll no longer have the problem! Lessons are also made easier due to the friendly and relaxed manner in which Dylan will teach. I could go on forever and really wouldn’t have a bad word to say. Legend.

Ben (Mossy Hollow)


I have been singing for the last 22 years but for the last 5 -6 years my voice had really gone downhill. So much so that it was painful to talk and it would feel like I had a lump in my throat. All the control had gone from my singing and my voice was a mess. It was really affecting my day to day life. My Doctor said it was nodules But it wasn’t. I’ve had cameras up my nose to find the problem and even had a biopsy of my throat. All paid for privately and throughout all of this and my problem was still there.

The doctors really didn’t seem to care about my problem (one of them didn’t even look up from his computer when I saw him.). It seemed like they just wanted to push me from one to the other and spread my cash around, but none of this fixed my voice. The last straw was when I was told by “THE BEST E.N.T. SURGEON IN HAMPSHIRE” to go to the “BEST VOICE THERAPIST I KNOW”. Well for a start I had to wait 3 weeks for my first appointment then I found out that it was going to cost me £100 a pop but I thought if it sorts me out it would be worth it. The first few times were ok and seamed to help me a little. On the 3rd appointment she didn’t turn up! Apparently she forgot!!

I’d given up. It had cost me way over £3000 and the pain in my voice was more bearable than the pain in my wallet and the pain the arse I was getting from the medical “help”.

Then out of the blue a friend of mine said that she had found a new singing teacher and she said he was good. So I booked a lesson. WOW!!!

After just 10 min it was clear that Dylan was going to help me. We talked and he gave me just a few exercises to start with. After that first week the pain in my throat had almost gone and a little of my control was back. After the second week the pain had got to a point that I could feel before it came and I could stop it before it started. That on its own would make me happy but my voice is getting better too. It’s been 5 weeks now and although I know I have a long way to go I’m sure that with Dylan’s help I’m going to get my voice back and better than it was before.


If I can sum it up in one piece of advice it would be “Don’t waste your time and money with anybody else. Give Dylan a try”


Dylan has been an excellent vocal trainer, each lesson has been a positive step towards my ultimate goal of total protection of my singing voice through learning proper, safe technique.As a professional singer I need to be at the top of my game to stay ahead and I would highly recommend Dylan’s vocal techniques program to help anybody achieve that.
Tom Williams


If your looking for a chilled out, relaxed yet high output singing lesson then Dylan is your man.

Since starting my lessons with Dylan I have come along so far, I have learnt so much, and the good thing with Dyl he doesn’t only have one method of teaching so if something’s difficult, he WILL find a way around it.
Amazing tutor.



I highly advise taking singing lessons with Dylan as they are both entertaining and fruitful. His boundless enthusiasm and Knowledge is infectious, allowing all levels from beginners to advanced to get up and have a go, his outlook ensures that you gain invaluable positive feedback and his musical ability inspires you to carry on.

Vaughan King


In the short time that I’ve been learning from Dylan I have realised that he has an amazing talent for teaching vocal skills. This paired with his enthusiastic attitude and genuine interest in helping me improve has brought me miles on and my confidence has rocketed!

I feel I am now building to when I can start performing rather than if I ever will. Luckily I have managed to pick up most of his techniques quite quickly but there are of course no guaranteed timescales. I would certainly recommend Dylan to anyone who wants to really get stuck into singing, it takes commitment… it’s definitely worth it; my singing
feels easier and sounds professional!



I have had other singing teachers in the past but the improvements that myself and others have noticed in my vocal tone and range over the last 8 months of being coached by Dylan has been phenomenal.

Dylan is a brilliant vocal coach who has always found different methods for me to learn new vocal techniques, and consequently I can now sing safely.

Dylan’s enthusiastic style of teaching paired with his genuine interest in helping everyone to succeed has seen my confidence soar over the last 8 months,which has given me the confidence to sing in public.

Overall, Dylan’s commitment, enthusiasm and vocal knowledge are key to the improvement seen in every student.



I’ve been singing in bands for years now and picked up many a bad habit, most noticeably singing from the throat and a lack of proper support translating into pitch problems, and an ever dwindling confidence.

I went to Dylan wanting to start from scratch to correct my technique and ultimately get my voice in a healthier place. Dylan has left no stone unturned in finding what works for my voice and has remained committed to providing both practical and theoretical knowledge to help me in a positive direction.

You won’t find a better coach, or a better human being for that matter!



When I 1st came to Dylan I was a self taught singer and had never had a singing lesson despite singing in a rock band for years. I felt the time had come that I needed to learn the foundations in order to elevate my vocals to the next level.

He definitely knows his stuff and has a great relaxed teaching style. Within a few sessions he was able to pinpoint my bad habits and through the use of several key exercises I no longer felt myself straining for the high notes and my vocal cords started to open and feel relaxed. My overall tone and control also improved due to the techniques which he was able to impart.He knows all the tricks and can hit things from several angles in order to instil the correct method for delivering confident and controlled vocals.

I had contemplated going the online or CD tuition route but within minutes I knew I’d made the right call in having 1 to 1 sessions. I was sure my voice was on the road to being damaged due to bad technique but now I can sing for long periods without feeling any strain. I feel that my lessons with Dylan are a wise investment for the future.

I’ve had nothing but praise on how much my vocals have improved and it shows through on my recent recordings. All around me have noticed it, so much so that I now feel the need to re-record all my old material in order to present my vocals as they are today.

The guy’s a genius!


Me and the rest of my band were looking for a new singer to take over lead vocals.  After spending a few months looking we realised that it was going to be hard to find someone who was right for us. It was then that we decided that I would give lead vocals a go.

Before I started the lessons I had only done backing vocals and was low on confidence.  Since meeting Dylan he has helped improve every aspect of my voice by greatly expanding my range, teaching me the correct techniques to protect my voice, improved my tone and most importantly has given me the confidence to get up and sing in front of people.  Since starting lessons my band has headlined at both The Joiners something I could not have done without Dylan’s Help.

On top of all that he is a decent bloke with a good sense of humour bringing  a relaxed feel to every lesson.