Why Take Singing Lessons?

Below I give you 20 reasons why you should take singing lessons. I hope that you find some here that you didn’t know about, and that it will encourage you to take the singing lessons plunge! Even if it’s not with me that’s cool just do it; you will love it!

In my 20 years of teaching students to sing I have seen amazing transformations that I would never have believed. Singing is so deeply a part of every person that to deny it is to deny yourself!

20 Reasons to take Singing Lessons
Not sure if singing lessons are for you? Then read on.

20 Reasons To Take Singing Lessons

1. Taking singing lessons is good for your mental state. It will chill you out man! (Singing lessons and your brain).

2. You will learn how to find a pitch.

3. Singing builds your confidence; this then affects every aspect of your life in a positive way.

First Impressions Count!

4. One of the first impressions a person gets is when you open your mouth. If the sound is weak or not pleasant in anyway this is then part of the impression they have of you. First impressions count so make it good with a great sounding confident voice.

Your tone and projection will improve making speaking and singing effortless. Singing will do this for you as your singing voice is also your speaking voice; As your singing voice improves so will your speaking voice.

Tone and projection are improved by tapping into your natural resonance for volume and tone, and by balancing the coordination between breathing and the vocal folds.

5. To build up a good critical ear which will improve your ability to hear pitch, sound and speak.

6. Singing lessons are very rewarding, although they can be challenging too! Good singing lessons will challenge you in every way otherwise how will you grow as a singer.


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7. Your breath management will improve. You will be able to hold your breath for longer and sing for longer before you need to take a breath. You’ll find that your recovery after physical exercise improves. I have also had students through away their asthma inhaler after learning to control their breathing. Breath control will also help you chill out. Which in its self is a great reason to take singing lessons?

8. You will learn about your voice and yourself. You will learn about the singer’s anatomy which is cool, and how all the parts of your body come together to make a sound.

9. You will increase your singing range.


10. You’ll learn how to take care of your voice. Learning to read the signals that your voice is giving you when it is tired. Knowing how to care for your voice so as to get it back on track as quickly as possible. Using warm ups, warm downs and knowing what exercises to do to keep your voice healthy.

11. You will learn how to sing songs that you have always wanted to sing but never could before.

12. Learning a new instrument is very rewarding, especially the voice, as it’s always with you. Anytime you want you can just sing, to anyone you like or just yourself. It will feel great and sound great, and you’ve got it for the rest of your life.

13. Everyone thinks it’s very cool if you can just crack out a tune.

14. Learn to riff. After a great tone and volume (both of which you will learn to do safely with singing lessons) is the ability to riff. Riffing is always a crowd pleaser.

15. Learn to sing with emotion is by far the most difficult skill to learn in singing. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then take the time to master this skill.

16. It has and always will be very cool to be a singer; wouldn’t you like to be a part of that.


17. You will learn to articulate words clearly with projection.

18. If you’re struggling with a song, just one singing lesson with a good vocal coach is all you need to know what to do to fix it.

19. Learning to play an instrument or taking singing lessons is good for your brain as it keeps it active.

Taking singing lessons has an amazing effect on children’s brains giving them a higher IQ than a child of the same age that doesn’t take lessons. It takes focus to sing, coordinating between your mind and body. Singing lessons benefit children’s brain development.

20. In 20 years of teaching singers to sing I have never met one singer that had the correct kinesthetic awareness needed to sing with total vocal freedom. Not one!

Oh and remember that you are paying in part for the teacher’s critical ear to pick up problems in your singing. This guidance is crucial for your ability to hear problems in the singing voice.


Finally my last thought for you. If the vocal technique that you have is all you have ever known then it will feel right even if it’s wrong, so how will you know if it’s right or wrong? One quick lesson with any good vocal coach and they will be able to tell you. You can then make a decision from there if you want to carry on with lesson or not.

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So has “20 Reasons To Take Singing Lessons” convinced you? If it has and you would like to find out more about singing lessons with me then please check out my singing lessons page.